One of the most renowned companies in the world today, WeWork has more than 178 work locations around the globe. Usually, the big cities are the locations so if you are roaming in one. WeWork is a company which is usually known for providing office space to various clients. They will help you out whether you need space for a part-time business or need it in a lease for a few years. You will find the company rolling all over the big cities.

Recently they launched a dorm-style housing known as WeLive. Other than that, they also own a fitness center named Rise. To join the center, you have to pay $180 a month. The headquarters of the company is at the Lord & Taylor building which they bought for $850 million. They are also thinking about a second headquarters and the place this time will be again San Francisco.

This $20 billion company was founded by the duo Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. Other than these things there are some other things which you need to know about the company WeWork.

Top 10 things which you will be amazed to know about WeWork.

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1. Third Time Lucky

The company is established by Neumann after two unsuccessful events. First, he came up with the idea of creating woman shoes having collapsible heels. But the idea didn’t go well. Next, he tried his hands on baby clothes. The clothes have knee pads built in them. But the third time it was successful and the company became one of the most profitable companies in the world.

2. It’s All About Upbringings

The founding fathers of WeWork spent their childhood in cooperatives. Yes, you read it right. Miguel was brought up in a community in Oregon while Adam was brought up in a farming community of Israel, Kibbutz. Spending their childhood in collaborative environments made them found a co-working company which touched amazing heights in no time.

3. The Base Was Always New Yorkish

The company first opened at the Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo in February of 2010. Later the company touched tremendous feat and they changed the working location to San Francisco. On the October of 2014, the company steps into London. Germany’s Berlin is the 100th location for the company. They opened the office there in November of 2016.

4. Family

Adam Neumann got married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin, who is now known as Rebekah Paltrow Newmann. Gwyneth Paltrow is also known as the founder of Goop and a judge. Adam is now happily married and has a total of 5 children with his wife Rebekah.

5. Increasing Customers

At their very first year, the company ended with a total of more than a thousand customers. Till the end of the year 2017, the customer base increased humongously. More than 20,000 companies were their customers at that time and space which they gave as a lease is more than 10 million square feet. The employees increased with time and now they have more than a thousand employees. Some of the biggest industries in the world are the customers of WeWork. The names include Salesforce, Microsoft, Spotify, Samsung, Facebook, Pinterest, and Starbucks.

6. Huge Growth

The company which started their journey with just two locations had more than 23 spaces and that too in eight different cities in just four years. In the next three years, they carried on the great work and increased the locations. In 2015, it was 55. The very next year in 2016, it was 111 and in 2017, it became 178. Some of the most recent cities where they started working are Mumbai, Beijing, Israel, and Haifa.

7. Increase in Staff

They have a huge staff base. Till 2017, they had recruited more than 3000 employees. There are a lot of specialists like interior designers, architects, and graphic artists who work for them. Their number is more than 400.

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8. Increase in Services

The company which started working as office space providers for various companies is now known for running entire branches of them. As per the reports, there are a few offices of some big shots which are run by WeWork like Boston office of Amazon, Berlin office of Airbnb, and New York office of IBM. They have an expert team working behind these projects and hence the growth is getting bigger with the increase in services.

9. Tracking Software

The company is a next generation company and it is proved by the amount of tech they use. They have tech and app for checking out the details of their any specific office.

10. Raw Material to Office Build

Not only the company buy real estate and put that on rent but they do spend a lot of money in buying raw materials and decorate the space, which also helps them in getting more profits from the place.


If you would love to explore WeWork Singapore, here are some of their latest locations.

WeWork Singapore Locations

wework singapore, city house


  • City House

36 Robinson Road Singapore 068877

What will it cost?

Hot Desk per person S$550/mo
Private Offices, Starting Price 1 Seat
From S$1,100/mo

  • 8 Cross St

8 Cross Street Singapore 048424

What will it cost?

Hot Desk per person


Dedicated Desk per person
Private Offices, Starting Price


  • Suntec Tower 5

5 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038985

What will it cost?

Hot Desk per person


Dedicated Desk per person
Private Offices
from S$1,110/mo


  • 60 Anson Rd

60 Anson Road Singapore 079914

What will it cost?

Hot Desk per person


Private Offices
from S$1,240/mo


  • 22 Cross St

22 Cross Street Singapore 048421

What will it cost?

Hot Desk per person


Dedicated Desk per person
Private Offices
from S$1,250/mo


  •  71 Robinson Rd

71 Robinson Road Singapore 068895

What will it cost?

Hot Desk per person


Private Offices
from S$1,220/mo
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