When we talk about co-working, it would be wise to say that the trend is garnering more limelight than ever. Co-working or shared workplace is a genuine and innovative alternative to ordinary office spaces. With the help of a co-working office, an entrepreneur can leverage the amenities that shared office space follows, plus they can attain a successful growth for their businesses as well.

Why should you consider co-working?

Well, what comes as a fruitful fact is that, with a co-working office space, you can help your co-workers or employees connect, innovate and present themselves better. Co-working can be your best pick to interact with an array of professionals from other market segments, thus, it’s worth every short. Your business will encompass a huge development chance because you’re breeding novel ideas with the help of your shared working space. Getting surrounded by accomplished individuals is what should be your priority, getting a co-working office can enable your endeavours in that respect. Hence, you might get to interact with committed, enthusiastic and novel individuals on an everyday basis. Thus, creativity flows when you associate and take-up a co-working office space.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best available co-working spaces around the country. Get access to the much-needed novelty in mind & flexibility when it comes to your business with the following co-working offices:

Best Co-Working Space in Singapore

1. ClubCo:

Are you an entrepreneur looking forward to availing one of the best co-working space in the region? Well, what comes as a fascinating fact is that, ClubCo is located in posh and business-friendly Cross Street. The co-working space fulfills every criterion when it comes to generating novelty and getting the best of office amenities. You can get your hands on some of the best office furniture with modern design layouts. The lighting system is magical and exquisite. The office space offers a seven day free trial to all. ClubCo is also offering generous deals when you sign-up with them. You can avail most flexible of office contracts with them while gaining the industry exposure. The handy location is what you require to give a posh appeal to your business.

There is a Collab Zone where you can leverage the one-hour Meeting Pod Usage which is free. Users can also interact over a cup of coffee with other industry professionals, and hence, they can generate ideas and get acquainted with latest cross-industrial trends. Thus, you never know when your simple discussion might turn in to a multi-billion dollar idea.


2. The Working Capitol:

The Working Capitol has been housed on the famous Keong Saik Road, the main aspect that attracts entrepreneurs and start-ups is the art deco-style appeal of the building. If you crave for a calm, modern, hygienic place for your workers or employees, then considering The Working Capitol can be your out of the box pick. The co-working space is pretty generous when it comes to offering an array of business amenities. Some of them include an in-house cafe, private telephone booths, screening rooms, conference rooms, reception desks and even a beer arena for after-office discussions.

We can say, if you are a start-up or entrepreneur looking for a co-working office space with a cost-effective solution, then The Working Capital is the winner. Apart from general corporate facilities, you can also get your hands on leisure amenities like a gym, bar, restaurant and even a pool. Every inch of the workplace has been customized. You’ll find some of the latest designs and customized areas in the vicinity. Recharging yourself and a better collaboration with others is possible here. Thus, the office might be fit for all sorts of working requirements, whether you’re a start-up of a fully-fledged business. Located at a prime location of the CBD, this co-working office fulfills every criterion to be on our list of some of the best-shared working spaces.


3. District 6:

district 6 singapore co
What would be better than a working place at one of the most sought-after buildings in the region? District-6 is located at the famous City Hall in Odeon Towers. The shared office space has been stretched over a 10,000 sq feet area and is fit for your every corporate working space need. From private studios for individuals to a grand meeting room, you can leverage the vicious offerings of District 6. For entrepreneurs with a great idea, the co-working space can be your best way to start executing your ideas and gain some really helpful industrial insights through cross-industry individual collaboration. You can leverage the office amenities like boardroom, meeting room, office furniture, and projectable walls as well.

District 6 has been designed in lieu of latest design innovation. The first impression that you get when you enter the doors is “Wow!!”. Anyone would crave to run their operations from here once they get in. Get access to most flexible of co-working contracts, open your doors to the easy & cost-effective payment process. You can also leverage the eateries spots located in the vicinity, from coffee to a three-course meal, you can have at District 6.


4. The Co:

When we talk about a co-working office space with a presence at two famous and important locations, The Co pops-up on the top of our list. The Co is breaking the stereotypes in the shared office space industry by providing the best corporate level amenities and location factor. Located at High Street Location, you can get access to over eight floors of The Co for your shared working space-related endeavors. There is a presence of a generous number of rooms for all, thus, several full-fledged & equipped meeting rooms, private offices, board venues, breakout spaces, eateries etc. are present in the vicinity of the office.

Carefully designed to cater both, natural and technological elements, The Co is stuffed with high-tech novel designs as well as natural lighting. The majestic interiors and greenery amidst the office space are what you require to impress your visitors. The Co is offering some of the most cost-effective co-working solutions in the industry. There is a generous presence of major potential-filled famous start-ups in the vicinity, you can get your pass to interact with dedicated individuals and can also get the cross-industrial flavor. Some of the other leisure amenities this place has to offer are a cafeteria, pool, restaurant, pool tables and more.


5. Trehaus:

Anyone would agree on the fact that, it’s difficult for working parents to accommodate, both, their jobs and kids. If you’re looking forward to an alternative to get your job done, you can opt for Trehaus, the co-working space has generous offers for working parents. The shared working space is the country’s first family-friendly shared office space. Everything you require for a child to ensure their as well as your development is available here. Private offices are here, you can also get access to child-minding services in the vicinity. Eating joints are also available that operates 24×7. The place has some of the most exclusive offerings like a sunny deck, kitchenette and more.

What comes as an amazing fact is that, for kids, there is a fascinating “Fun, Art & Craft” room where they can showcase their skills through painting and play. Therefore, your little one would never feel bored when you start your operations at Trehaus. You’d be surprised to know that, the co-working office offers flexible space renting contracts and also several sorts of discounts when you sign-up with them.

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6. Collective Works:

Are you fond of premium interiors? Do you crave for prime location? Well, for all those who’re looking forward to generous business growth while not stressing their pocket, Collective Works shared office space is the solution. Stuffed with an array of high-quality office furniture, Collective Works is famous in the region for the flexible contracts and viable pricing structure. If you’re a start-up or even a small business, you can leverage the oak and leather blended interiors of this office space.

Talking about the corporate amenities, Collective Works is offering dedicated internet and communication services, board meeting rooms, private meeting rooms, 24×7 operations and other equipment rentals as well. Thus, affording your dream co-working space is now possible with Collective Works. There are several floors located in the office, thus, you can get access to ample of working space opportunities here and can also interact with genuine individuals from around the industry. Exchange of ideas and innovation are what thrives the endeavors of a shared office space.



Instead of isolation, a co-working office space leads to a sense of collective community. Growing a business whether you’re a freelancer, a start-up of a variably sized business is of utmost importance. If you’re looking forward to getting rid of the notion that you’re working alone, or you wish to get your hands on latest technology & interact with people, shared office spaces are for you. Heighten the social aspects of your working life, the more you interact, the more is the probability of booming business growth. Get access to a positive working mindset through your favourite co-working office in the region, now.

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