Traditional office leases are dying, the boom in digitization has led to the formation an array of startups in the country. Thus, in lieu of catering the office space demand, people have come up with a new yet effective concept called serviced offices. It’d be wise to say that more & more people would need access to an array of comfortable office amenities blended with flexibility. What comes as a great fact is that, serviced offices are breaking the stereotypes by providing almost every corporate amenity to users & that too with a flexible contract.

Do you know, one can opt for a serviced office for a month, a week or even a day as well. When you consider renting a serviced office, you get access to all lush features like desk spaces, business telephones, high-speed internet, reception and much more. All of this is available to you without those cumbersome long-period contracts.

Let’s dig deeper and know about the benefits that come handy with serviced offices & co-working spaces in Singapore:


1. Leasing became Flexible:

The leasing days when a customer was required to hire the place for 6 months or an annual basis is long gone. Serviced offices are empowering the entrepreneurs with its biggest facility, that is flexible leasing. Conventional leasing style was not a preferred option for businesses. If you’re a small company or if you’re having a small project, then going to a serviced office or even a co-working place can be your out of the box pick. This would not only save you a big chunk of money, but it’ll also help you get the much-needed exposure to lush corporate charisma.

Looking forward to extending the contract? Well, no issues, you can extend anytime for yet another month. Thus, instant move-in and easy exits are possible with serviced offices in the country. In general, serviced offices are like prepaid recharges, you can utilize & leverage them as per your requirement. Thus, get the best bang for your buck.


2. Rich Corporate Services:

Are you a start-up and looking forward to availing a great office space location, reception, catering facility, fast internet as well as training support? Well, what comes as a fascinating fact is that, co-working & serviced offices are often packed with a never-ending array of lush corporate amenities. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you can focus on your business goals rather than worrying about the tools and equipment required for business functionality.

Do you know, you can also get access to different office locations of any serviced office company through their membership? Well, that is true. Therefore, pay for a month or two & enjoy an array of prime locations for your business and leave an ever-lasting impression on your clients.


3. Efficiency factor:

Efficiency is the driver of every bit of endeavour associated with serviced Offices around the world. We can say when an entrepreneur opts for a serviced office, both investment & return gets optimized to a greater extent. Apparatuses like telephone lines, internet modems, office furniture and much more get utilized as per individual demand.

Just imagine you rent an ordinary space and then start piling it up with technical gear. This would not only make you bear all the cost, but it’d also make you liable to their disposal. Thus, serviced offices come handy with efficiency factor. Unique & differential offerings are what we can see from serviced Offices vendors in the country. Give your staff the best working environment with co-working offices, expose your employees to collectiveness and let them collaborate. This could also generate an array of new ideas.


4. Security:

Security is one such factor which can steal your peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the viability of your workplace and your technical gear. When you opt a serviced office in Singapore, these type of offices not just feature lucid corporate amenities like furniture, internet, reception etc., these also feature state of the art security.

Get access to the latest security installations for your serviced office, CCTV, fingerprint scanners, biometric authentication and much more are available under the hood. What comes as a fascinating fact is that, you get the option for 24×7 access. Thus, we can say serviced offices have literally increased the security factor and have led to a greater peace of mind.

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5. Plug and Play:

With serviced offices, everything you need for furniture, computers, telephones and much more are already in place, you are just required to go there and start using as per your business demand. With a higher scalability factor that comes with co-working or serviced offices, an entrepreneur is now just required to pay, plug and play. Start your operations in minutes and provide the growth with your start-up or small business deserves.

There might be a case where you’ve scattered staff, as mentioned earlier, you can leverage the memberships of serviced office vendors and can deploy your staff from an array of cities in the office branches. Thus, providing a common working platform to your staff from around the country is easier than ever.



Thus, serviced offices are the new boom. You can be around other top performers in the market when you share an office space, thus you learn more and you learn well. serviced offices are bridging the gap between need and supply & they are increasing the efficiency factor manifolds. Let the vendor take care of your internet requirements, phone and fax gear & focus only on your business goals. With 24×7 access to your serviced office, you get the option to extend or leave your serviced office anytime. The plus fact is that there are no hidden charges and a majority of vendors have a list of fixed prices against the services offered. We can say serviced offices are a win-win for you, your staff and your business goals. Get access to a clean, professional and an enticing business environment with added ease in the form of serviced offices.

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