Working remotely has immense benefits for an individual. Majorly, it is the flexible work hours, no commuting hassles and individual control over your work that make it the most favourable one. However, on the same verge, a freelancer who does not have to commute at all has no meetings too attend and works remotely always ends up feeling lonely and monotonous at their work. One ends up losing upon social relationships and human interaction too. Thus, loneliness and isolation are the major complaints of every remotely working person. Here is where the co-working spaces emerge to help these people find their second homes.

Vivek Murthy, a former Surgeon General in the United States, mentions that the loneliness is not only confined to a social problem; it is also associated various health issues like obesity. Loneliness is equal to smoking 15 cigarettes every day and shortening your lifespan.

Considering the problem, in the past few years, a lot of co-working space businesses have developed and helped evade such isolating concerns. The Co. is one of the best co-working space service providers in Singapore who has succeeded in equipping individuals and business for their journeys ahead.

About ‘The Co.’

The Co. offers premium work experience intertwining the lives and the businesses of the people through an inspired sense of adventure and purpose. Assuring a good company around and quality services, they have succeeded in helping a lot of people build their business and follow their dreams without stressing up. All they focus on is providing each and every service that will smoothen up the core strength of a business. Design focused facilities, quality provision and the best of the neighbourhood have been their mission mantra. It is touted as the pioneer of co-working space in Singapore.


The Co. Singapore is present in various places like Duxton and High Street.

The Duxton office, located in the heart of Duxton Road, is known for its natural light, greenery and the beautiful interiors. It is a vibrant place to develop engagement, get more productive and design a beautiful work lifestyle. It is near Chinatown as well as Tanjong Pagar.

the co duxton singapore

The Co @ Duxton Singapore

The High Street office has eight levels of space. Thus, you will find ample meeting rooms, breakout spaces, pods apt for private offices as well as the large enterprises. It is merely a 6-minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT station. There are three floors of breakout spaces and event spaces along with 2 meeting rooms and one conference room. In totality, it is equipped with 202 office workstations and 50 co-working desks in the entire area.

the co high street singapore

The Co @ High Street

Why ‘The Co.’?

The Co. is one of the most affordable co-working space providers that has its office spaces at the premium locations of the state. Furthermore, despite the cost-friendly rent, they never compromise in their services or qualities. Right from the essential amenities like the internet connection, electricity, coffee machines, showers, basic furniture to all the premium equipment, they have it all.

Attractive Price

They charge hot desks for rates as low as $45 per day on weekdays. To opt for the 24/7 access and mailing access, you may be charged $600 per month. In case of dedicated desks, they charge $800 per month for open space workstation, 24/7 access and mailing address. If you want a designated workstation booth, personal locker, 24/7 access and mailing address, it will cost $850 per month.

prices of the co - co working space

Looking for a private office? As customers of ‘The Co.’, we have had the best experience starting our private office in their office space. In fact, it costs $700 per month for 24/7 access, mailing address and business trade telephone availability.

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Benefits Experienced at The Co. Singapore

A lot of benefits pertain when it comes to choosing co-working space over remotely working. While social interaction has been the first and foremost reason, one experiences various other benefits with the co-working space.

  • Increasing number of business referrals

When you meet other people in the office who’ve been freelancing or working in different domains, your work may be related some or the other way. For example, if you are into marketing, connections there will surely let you connect with people who might need marketers for their business. Or if you are a finance professional, you may end up connecting with people who may offer you leads in your domain. Thus, the interaction lets you gain leads at individual levels as well as at the corporate levels.

  • Immense Learning

Learning is the second major factor that eradicates the challenges of working remotely. Meeting new people is always a learning for something new. You might also learn new techniques of working and understand the varied needs of the people. Or you may likewise meet highly qualified people who could guide you in improving your skills.

  • Ease of meeting your clients

This is the third major factor where you do not have to run here and there looking for a perfect space for a client meeting. Moreover, an office space enhances the professional approach of the meet. It also develops the clients’ trust about your work as an individual service provider.

  • Renovations and temporary shifting

The large corporates, in situations like renovations, the companies prefer opting for co-working space for their clients temporarily. Renovations and planning have become much more sorted with co-working spaces. Further, the broad availability of space at the High Street Office has helped multiple companies in the past few years.

  • A perfect place for the start-ups to grow

The coworking spaces in Singapore have been a perfect place for the start-ups to grow. The Co., has assured on quality services and no downtime at all. In fact, it has always facilitated the aspiring entrepreneurs focus on their core work, rest taken care by the company.

Final Words

The Co. has been a great support to our as well as various other start-ups we’ve looked around. Their services are worth opting if you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs or freelancers looking for change and growth!

On a limited time offer, check with us their promotion rates this 2018.

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