Offices are like a second home to people where they come daily, spend the maximum time of their day, work hard to make their living and produce their best work. Research says, an office design connects to the employees’ productivity and engagement. Moreover, it massively impacts the health and well-being of the staff.

Consider for example, the workspace of Google and Facebook; they’ve been ditching the cubicle workspaces environment and encouraging an open space to encourage creativity and promote interaction.


While you may plan to renovate your office space, here are some tips to getting your renovations done and an idea of the renovation costs of office space in Singapore. 

What you should do before heading into Office Renovation

Talk to your employees

The employees are the ultimate people who’d be using this office space to produce output for the company. Thus, talk to them and understand their requirements. A happy staff will automatically raise their productivity. Ask them about the requirement of the meeting rooms, the office layout that’ll meet their needs, collaborative workspace needs, recreational rooms, etc. A proper planning of the essentials will help you with a perfect layout of how you want to get your office designed.

Find out the available office space

The next step is to identify how much space you have in reality. How much space you’d be renovating and what are your needs? An estimation of the costs of renovation should be noted. For example, in a confined office space to be renewed, you may estimate the number of employees you wish to get there, the number of cabins and desks accordingly, etc.


Thinking in an environment manner

While lighting, water, air-condition and everything else will costs you a lot, you can think of ways how to make space more environment-friendly as well as save your expenses on the abundant energy to be put in use. For example, you may plan an open environment with a natural air cooling system for a recreational or a meeting room.

Plan on the business continuity

Renovations are a cost absorbed in the long-run. Thus, find out your purpose of renovation and its impact on the entire business and employees. For example, if you need a complete renovation, you may also have to plan to take a rented office or a temporary space. But if it’s not a need for long, then you could cut down your costs by offering remotely working options to your employees. However, for minor renovations where you do not want to end up spending on rented office or work from home option isn’t viable, you may plan weekend renovations or on the holidays.    

The Great Room Centennial-Tower

Maintain your Corporate Identity

When someone enters the office, the first thing they notice is your office design. The design is thus an instant attention of what your corporate identity seems like. Just like we end up making the first impression about ourselves, the office design makes its first impression on whoever looks at it.

Along with the needs and costs, you also need to ponder if the design and the plan really showcases your true corporate identity. Thinking uniquely and creatively is very important while getting renovations done.

Note – when selecting a renovation contractor, make sure you do not simply rely on the one offering cheapest services.

After all, an office renovation is like dressing your company to the best.

justco marina sq
Justco Marina Sq

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Office Renovation Singapore Price Guide

The renovation costs at Singapore may range from $320 – $1080 per sqm. The cost completely depends on the layout complexity, flooring, size of the units, electrical furnishing, plumbing needs, consulting fee and the heavy work stat. Here’s a rough idea of each of the service at an individual level.

Office Fit Out Costs Singapore

  • Consulting fee

Before the renovation starts, you may want to consult an expert for the best output. Along with the advice to what would suit the best in budget, the consultants also help you with understanding rules and regulations you may have to follow. For example, wiring and wall hacking. The charges may be $100/hour. You may opt for services at flat rates or on hourly basis depending on the need. If you already have finalised your contractor, it is possible to have consulting included in the package.

  • Renovation deposit

You may need to make the renovation deposits if there are heavy hackings involved. Based on the building rules, the deposits may be a few thousand dollars which are refunded once the output is satisfactory. 

  • Overall costing

Make sure to set your budget by size and quality of materials you’ve been hoping. While the small-sized outlets under 500 sqft may cost between $60,000 to $100,000, medium sized of around 1000 – 2000 sqft may cost between $150,000 to $500,000. A yardstick, 13,000sqft with meeting rooms and pantry is likely to be approximately $1.3 million dollars.

  • Tiling and flooring

Offices, in general, opt for square tiles. You may want to consider either granite or a parquet flooring. The real cost of the flooring entirely depends on the material type and the labour costs for foundation and laying of tiles. In case of marble flooring, it may cost $10 – $15 per sqft. In case of a laminate, $3.5 – $4.5 per sqft, vinyl would be $6 – $7/sqft, paraquat would be $7 – $14/sqft and ceramic or homogenous tiles would cost $3 – $15 per sqft. On an average, the total flooring costs shall cost you between $30,000 – $100,000.

  • Wallhacking

If you want to boost up open space concept, wallhacking is a part of renovations. The pricing depends on the amount of wall hacking required and the thickness of the wall. Make sure your building permits you for the same. Wall hacking costs $50 – $70 per foot run. However, good contractors will charge you extra for debris clearing.    

  • Carpentry

When you plan to get shelves and cabinets built instead of purchasing them, the cost may vary as per the type of wood and artistry you opt for. Especially for a long run plan, development is preferable over purchases. Book cabinet costs $220 – 500 per ft. run while Large Cupboards cost $200 – 350 per ft. run.

  • Painting

The interior painting is the actual definition of beauty at the office. It helps you create an impression in front of the employees as well as the visiting clients. The painting services will obviously depend on the area and texture you opt for. Roughly, three colours plus white ceiling would be around $5000 – $20,000.

  • Electrical Rewiring

The price here will depend on the number of power points you are expecting the electrician to fetch you with. Generally, for a 13-amp single power point, it costs $90 – $100 per point. A double 15-amp point would cost $70 – 160 per point. Lighting point costs $45 – 70 per point whereas 2-way switch costs $100 – 150 per piece. Further, a telephone point would cost $80 – 140 per point while lights installation will take $20 – 30 per light.

  • Furniture

The style and space are the actual determinants of furniture costs. The costs range between $7,000 to $15,000 based on the office space.

lattice 80 singapore
Lattice 80

Finding Affordable Contractors in Singapore

Consider the tips mentioned above and start off with a proper planning to renovate your office. The points mentioned above give a fair idea of what it costs individually and as a whole. Thus, the guide should help you make your planning get easier. 

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Good Luck!

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