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Singapore Office Relocation Checklist 

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As one of the digital hubs in Asia, Singapore’s current economic status has made it a top choice for businesses to set up their companies. It is Asia’s most developed country and currently ranks 11th out of 130 countries around the world. The country has over five million residents, with over 46% in the workforce

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With a prosperous business climate, companies in Singapore actively seeks out to find the best environment for their employees to work in. But with high rental prices and maintenance costs, having an office relocation is a big step that must be carefully done to avoid any additional charges as well as legal blunders. 

If you are planning to move to new office space, here is a thorough checklist involving all matters pertaining to both material and legal issues to streamline you with the relocation process in Singapore. 

What to do six months before a relocation

To have a smooth relocation, planning must start early before the end of the lease contract with your form office lessor. That is why it is recommended to start at least six months before the intended moving date. Here are the things you should first do when relocating.

Set a relocation budget

Like any other activity, office relocation also needs to have a thorough budget. You have to determine how much money is being shelled out when it comes to things such as rental rates, moving truck rates, as well as the possible costs of new furniture. 

Canvass for office spaces

Now that you have narrowed down your options according to your budget, you can start looking for new office spaces. There are hundreds of rental websites online where you can start searching for prospects. 

Notify employees

After deciding where to move to new office space, it is essential to notify your employees of the changes. This is crucial, especially to those who will be profoundly affected by the new location. 

Check your current tenancy agreement and notify the landlord

It is also essential to thoroughly go over your rental contracts months before doing a relocation. You have to check whether you have to pay any damages if you are terminating your contract earlier.  

Also, look out for repair clauses in your tenancy agreement as you might have to shell out additional money before your landlord agrees to clear the contract. This step is vital to avoid any legal percussions. 

What you need to do three months before relocating

After smoothening things out with your employees and landlord, it is now time to set up your new office space and make sure it is ready to accommodate your workers. Here are things you must do two to three months before the relocation date. 

Confirm and secure your new tenancy contract

For extreme clarity and security, it is vital to go over your original lease agreement. Make sure that there aren’t any agreements that are confusing nor something that you do not agree with. You and your landlord must be on the same page to avoid any disputes that can be subject to legal resolutions. 

Also, you have to check the premises of your new location and report any damages found so that they can shell out the cost of repair.

Finalize new office design

After securing your office space, it is now time to plan the office environment. You can either do this by setting up a team within your office or outsource the services of an office designer. Either way, make sure that you choose which one you think will be able to deliver your ideas best. 

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Create an inventory

Before you start planning your office relocation strategy, make sure that you have a list of office items first. The inventory will help you determine how many bulky items there are as well as organize the paper works beforehand so that no vital documents would get lost.

Sell unnecessary items

After having done your inventory, make sure to sell those that did not make it. By selling this furniture, you can save some extra money by using the profits to cover for relocation expenses. 

Start strategizing relocation timeline

An office relocation does not just happen overnight. It usually takes two to three days to complete a significant relocation. As such, you have to make a timeline on what will happen within these days so that you would avoid forgetting anything essential. 

It is important to consider high priority materials such as documents and other paper works, and then furniture would follow afterward. Also, if you are transferring overnight and the following day is a workday, then it would be more essential to move work tables and computers first. 

Send out notification of change of address

Since you have finally secured your new office space, it is now time to send out emails or letters to clients and companies that you are connected with. It is so to avoid any confusion, and more so, the advanced notification will help remove this duty when the relocation date gets nearer, and the tasks become heavier. 

It goes without saying that you also need to apply for renewing the location of any connection services such as phone lines and internet lines. 

What you need to do a month before relocating

The month before the relocation is the proper date to start delegating tasks and responsibilities. Here are things you must do beforehand.

Brief employees on the final plan 

After having prepared your relocation strategy, make sure that you can inform every employee about it. You can also take this opportunity to ask volunteers to do the packing, labeling, and cleaning. Otherwise, there are always moving companies that can help you with the relocation.

Begin labeling items

As early as one month before the relocation date, make sure that you can mark items accordingly using the help of your inventory list. You can go the extra mile by dividing and color-coding labels to make things more organized. 

Make a budget update

By this month, you should already have a thorough and complete list of expenses previously made. It would help make the liquidation after the relocation to be much more manageable. 

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What you need to do on a moving day

The time has finally arrived for your company to start relocating. To have a smooth transfer, here are the things that you should do.

Prepare an emergency contact list for key personnel

It is inevitable to encounter small mishaps and confusion during the whole relocation process. As such, make sure that you have a list, a hard copy one even, for key personnel such as the head of the packing, labeling, and moving group. It is crucial to be able to immediately contact those who are essential in the tasks before the actual relocation. 

Prepare refreshments

Office relocation is a tedious task considering that you have to move furniture and a considerable number of boxes. As such, make sure that you have prepared refreshments and snacks so that your movers would not get tired quickly. 

Make sure to move high-priority items first

Before moving on to other materials, make sure to have all high-priority things settled. By doing so, you can then freely start multi-tasking and move many things all at once. 

What you need to do after the moving day

Having moved all of your office items and equipment, here are some things that you must still do afterward. 

Clean up the old office

Make sure to do the last check on your previous office space. In addition, get rid of added furniture as well as any fixtures if it would not be detrimental to the office. Have your previous landlord sign an agreement stating that there is no more dispute regarding any costs and that your contract is cleanly terminated. 

Walk-through your new office

After having done your relocation and making sure that there are finally no strings attached to your old premises, do a detailed check up on your new office. Using your inventory, make sure that all items are in place, and all lines and connections are working. 

Have an office warming party 

Settling in a new office can be quite a change. To make the atmosphere more welcoming, have an office warming party so that everyone can get accustomed to the new space. 

Singapore’s billion-dollar industry has made it one of the best places to set up a business, especially for those who are in the technological field. It is one of the best countries for companies due to its high internet speed, prestigious educational centers, and organized districts. As such, it is finding the right office space in the country that can make your employees more productive, which in turn will help the company gain profit. 

Relocating to a new office does not have to be tedious as long as you strategize correctly and know the right way to do it. By doing what this checklist tells you, office relocation can be something to look forward to.

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