Finding office space can be difficult. It’s not a simple decision to make considering there are so many variable involved.

Where your employees live, what’s the cost, what are the amenities, how central the location is are all factors that will shape your decision.

The CBD area in Singapore is one of the most popular locations not only in Singapore. But all of the world. The Raffles Place location has some of the most iconic buildings there. This attracts some of the biggest businesses in the world.

It is a good location, but is it the best location for a younger company? The rents are expensive, the traffic is heavy. It can be congested sometimes packed with so many businesses and people. It’s also not sustainable for the long term unless the company is extremely well funded.

There is another location that is sure to capture the attention of startups and SMEs.

It is Tampines!

Serviced Office Singapore East (Tampines)

To save on rental costs, companies can consider pooling resources with another company to co-share an office between the two of them, sectioning off the space of each other’s needs and splitting the costs along those lines. However, these costs might still be too high.

In recent years, there have been a growing number of start-ups, most with low headcount or small capital; aside from the limited number of office spaces in Singapore, these new companies might not be able to even afford a regular office. 

Why have an office at Tampines?

Near Changi airport

The Changi airport is about a 7 min drive from Tampines. Changi as all Singaporeans and international travellers know is the abode of shopping and eating.

You have a wide variety of eateries. Ranging from continental fine dining to fast food. Some of the eateries are Bowl Thai, Beard Papa’s, Bikanervala, Burger King, Collin’s, Dunkin Donuts, Curry Times and more.

You can fulfill your shopping needs as well at the Changi airport. There’s 7/11 for any daily items you need, there’s the Airport Pharmacy which stocks all medicines you might need. If you need to pick up a quick gift for your significant other or a business client, you have access to the best brands at Changi.

Great for Employees in the East


Employees travel from different areas to come to offices. For employees who live in the East. Changi, Tampines and Simei are some of the locations.

It’s much easier for them to make it to Tampines, than to come to CBD. As rents are much cheaper in the east, employees are most likely to live there.

To get to Tampines, it’s a few minutes drive or can also hop on to the MRT and arrive in a few minutes.

Tampines has 3 big malls

Tampines has three big malls with various amenities. If your employees want a change of scene from the office. They can go to one of these malls and work out of a cafe with free-wifi. It has all the amenities you need. Food, spa, ATM’s. Want to do a team lunch? Just come to one of the malls.

Tampines Mall

tampines mall

The first mall is the Tampines Mall. Located in 4 Tampines Central 5, Singapore 529510.

It has all the amenities you need and has free wifi in the mall as well.

Century Square

new century square

Century Square is a gorgeous mall located just 5 mins from the Tampines MRT. 

Tampines 1

tampines 1

Tampines 1 is the third mall that is located in 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536. From electronics to souvenirs to books. You get everything here. The Tampines 1 is the first suburban mall with a swimming pool. So care for a mid afternoon swimming session to relieve some stress? This is your go to place.

Apart from the pool, there’s a wildlife themed rooftop water playground!

Near Singapore Expo

expoThe best place to promote your business and network with potential partners is at events. Events is a place where people are open to make partnerships. It’s also the best place to generate leads for your business.

Having an office at Tampines has its benefits because it’s close to the Singapore expo.

A lot of business events take place at the expo and for offices in Tampines, it’s very close. It won’t take your entire day to travel to the expo.

Plus networking opportunities always galore when there are so many events around.

If your business is big enough, you can host an event for your company at the Expo.

Changi City Point

sg Changi-City-Point

Changi city point is a gorgeous mall located in  5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038. Changi city point is known for its landscaped rooftop garden and interactive art installations. There are some fine dining restaurants as well.

Near Changi Business Park

changi biz park serviced office

Being around business parks is always an advantage. Business parks means, the area around is a business hub and has facilities and it’s a place that’s good for business.

Changi business park has become a hub. Standard Chartered came to Changi Business Park and moved their major offices there in 2014. Changi Business Park is located at Tampines.

When more large businesses move to CBP, it makes Tampines all the more a desired destination. Companies in Tampines also have access to all the businesses in Changi Business Park. Business development representatives don’t have to travel very far to meet potential clients.

For a lot of services business who need to liaise with clients consistently, clients will be happy when their service providers are close to them. So they can meet face to face as often as possible.

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Moving to Tampines Singapore

Tampines is a hub. And it has all the amenities, opportunities and benefits that you get at CBD but at a much lower cost.

Tampines has come into its own over the last few years and SMEs and young startups will only benefit by moving their office spaces here.

The best part? You have top quality ready to use office spaces in Tampines. They are plug and play office spaces. So you have a fully furnished office space with a stocked cafeteria and wi-fi and access to copier machines, scanners and even a receptionist that gives a professional feel to the work environment.

This is better than a co-working space that doesn’t have a professional feel to it and clients will think your business is too small when you are in a coworking space.

Check up with us on a new serviced office at Tampines.

Note: Rates are very competitive.

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  • Location
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Sick of the noise in the central area of Singapore? Tampines offer you the next best alternative for you to have your office space relocated to the all new trendy hub.

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